Training on entrepreneurial skills

Caritas Marsabit train diferent self help groups. With funding from Caritas Italiana,the organization has recently trained Turbi Catholic women group on several entrepreneurial skills to help boost their resilience.

Justice and Peace

Justice, Peace and Good Governance

Over the years, Caritas Marsabit has endvoured to contribute to good governance, justice and peacefull co-existence among the communities living in Marsabit County. The organization uses various approaches including herders peace camps, interfaith councils, children peace camps and youth camps.

Food Voucher

Food Voucher Provision

The food voucher is an approach Caritas Marsabit pioneered in the county to help reduce ineficiencies in food security interventions. Each of the targetted families receives a unique voucher card which they can use at a selected food store to buy food staffs of their preference.

Our Vision

We envision a people holistically empowered in line with the Gospel Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the people to know God and live in dignity and harmony

Core Values

Love, Honesty, Stewardship, Accountability, Community Participation

Welcome to Caritas Marsabit

Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of County Steering group which co-ordinate all the governmental and non government organization at county level. Being a member of the County steering group Caritas Marsabit presents its interventions to CSG which in turn deliberate interventions depending on what other organizations are doing in the targeted locations.