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The Catholic Diocese of Marsabit (CDOM) was started in 1964 through the efforts of Bishop Cavallera. Caritas Marsabit (CM) is the development arm of the Diocese responsible for coordination and the implementation of development activities in the Diocese. The function of Caritas Marsabit is in tandem with that of the Pastoral Department of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, whose function is evangelization.

Our work is underpinned by a holistic approach involving Advocacy, Capacity Development, Disaster Risk Reduction, Facilitation of Peaceful Coexistence, and Promotion of Unity in Diversity and Pursuit of Justice for Sustainable Development and advocacy for policy, legal and institutional reforms.

Over the last two decades, we have supported programs that have changed the lives of many in Marsabit County under each of the programmatic activities.

Caritas Marsabit consists of six departments namely: Health, Justice and Peace, Water, Sustainable Livelihoods, Disaster Management (DM), Finance and Administration.

Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of County Steering group which co-ordinate all the governmental and non government organization at county level. Being a member of the County steering group Caritas Marsabit presents its interventions to CSG which in turn deliberate interventions depending on what other organizations are doing in the targeted locations.

Caritas Marsabit has partnered with a group of local organization under the umbrella of MIONET (Marsabit Indigenous Organizations Network)and managed to carryout rapid drought assessment in the county. The objective was to identify the most affected geographical location for effective response and also to generate a report to be used by various stakeholders to design appropriate response action. Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of the MIONET.

I have come That they may have live and that they may have it more adudantly.


To empower the people to know God and live in dignity and harmony


A people holistically empowered in line with
Gospel Values


Our Identity Statement: We are part of a united global Catholic family working with people, communities, associates, and partners across the globe with strong in Catholic Church and supporters in Europe.


Our core values underlie all that we do and guide us as an Organization in the execution of our vision, mission and strategic objectives within the context of living out our faith and being empowered by and strengthened by our gift of faith, we aspire to and commit ourselves to the following core values:


Integrity: We uphold professionalism, honesty, accountability, and evidence-based interventions in the course of our work.

Courage: With confidence and relentlessness, we engage the Partners, Donors and hold the state accountable and ensure justice and development for underprivileged members of our community.

Compassion: At CM we treat everyone equally; we show kindness, mercy, empathy, and dedication to the poor and underprivileged people regardless of who they are.

Empowerment: We are committed to enhancing knowledge and skills for Employees, and all our stakeholders in order to effectively and efficiently work towards fulfilling our Mission.


Caritas Marsabit under the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit is located in Marsabit County and it lies between latitude 02o 45o North and 04o 27o North and longitude 37o 57o East and 39o 21o East.. Bordering Ethiopia to the North, Marsabit County covers an area of 70,961.2Km2, between latitude 02o 45o North and 04o 27o North and longitude 37o 57o East and 39o 21o East and occupies the extreme part of Northern part of Kenya. It is divided into four constituencies namely: Moyale, North horr, Saku and Laisamis.
Marsabit County is the largest County in Kenya and also, one of the remotest, far-flung and under-developed parts of Kenya. The County covers some of the most remote parts of Kenya in terms of infrastructure, access to basic social services, harsh and rough terrain such as the Chalbi desert.
The Catholic Diocese of Marsabit’s development wing -Caritas Marsabit, is a committed Faith Based Organization that supports integral human development of the pastoralists’ communities living in Marsabit County on behalf of the church.

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Caritas Marsabit is one of the most active organization in the County. It has been a key stakeholder offering basic social services ; education, health and water. The first generation of the county elites attended the missionary schools. H.E Mohamud Ali Gov. Marsabit County