Burgabo borehole is in Burgabo village in Northhorr Sub-County, Marsabit County. People residing in Burgabo, nearer villages like Anchacha as well as far places like Forolle and Hurri hills have been depending on this borehole for water during drought seasons as it is the only source of water in the area that people rely on for both household consumption and livestock.

“My name is Boru Wario, I’m a resident of Burgabo, this is where I went for my schooling and I have been working closely for and with this community.

Burgabo borehole is the only water point we have in the area. We rely on this borehole for water both for household consumption and livestock.

Burgabo being a better pasture area with water, livestock from places as far as Maikona and Hurri hills concentrate in this area during drought season. During the recent drought that started a year ago, there was a lot of pressure from both people and livestock on the borehole leading to the breakdown of the borehole. Our lives became harder but fortunately by the help of God we got assistance from Caritas Marsabit to provide us with water through water trucking. Every house was entitled to three jerrycans of twenty litres per trip.

After a series of water trucking, Caritas came in again and revived the borehole which is now fully operational. Before the revival of the borehole our livestock use to go to Turbi for water but after, our livestock can easily get enough water without trekking for long distances. This has really saved our animals from dying of fatigue especially during drought season.

People also use to trek with donkeys to Dosawachu borehole 17 kilometers from here to fetch water for household consumption but after the revival of the borehole, we now get enough water for our household daily chorus right on our doorstep. We can now get an average of four jerrycans of water per day per household.

We used to go for weeks before taking a shower or washing our clothes due to water shortage, but we can now keep good self-hygiene by happy take a shower whenever we want and keep our clothes clean.

With the revived borehole we can now confidently say that we can as well venture into micro irrigation which will be an alternative source of income. Veggies like kales and spinach can easily do well here with water. These veggies can be sold here locally or in near places like Tigo and Turbi.

We usually charge 2 Kshs per head of livestock and 5 Kshs per jerry can. The little revenue we generate is used to manage and maintain the borehole. We use it buying diesel for the generate and spare parts for the borehole. We also need training on how well we can operate and maintain effectively to avoid problems that we have encounter before as such as maintenance of this borehole is concerned.

We say thanks to the donors and Caritas Marsabit for really supporting us because if it were not for them we could have not seen through the recent drought.



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