Caritas Day Celebration 2017: We are called to show love through those in most need of our support


Caritas is the Development and Humanitarian arm of the Catholic Church. The name Caritas is a Latin word meaning love and compassion.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops set aside Caritas Day to be celebrated every year on the 1st Sunday of September. The 1st week of September ‘’Caritas Week’’ is build-up with activities all culminating to Caritas Day.

Caritas Day coincides with the International Day of Charity, a day which honors the contribution of Mother Teresa and encourages more people to engage in charity work.

This year’s caritas day celebration was unique in Diocese of Marsabit. To commemorate the day and in solidarity with Caritas around the world, Caritas Marsabit joined Kargi Parish during Sunday mass to celebrate this iconic day. Thereafter relief food was donated by Caritas Marsabit to the needy people in this parish.


Led by Marsabit Diocese Bishop Rt. Rev. peter Kihara  graced by presence   of Caritas Marsabit team  led by Director Isacko Jirma, Caritas Marsabit Donated 40 bags of rice, 4 bags of sugar, 17 cartoons of cooking oil and 50 cartoons of milk to the most vulnerable and need households in Kargi.

Over the years, Caritas Marsabit (formerly Catholic Diocese of Marsabit development office) has been extending charity work to those in need in various ways across Marsabit Diocese. Many lives have been saved and restored back in a dignified manner. This is what “CARITAS” means to us.