“Cash for work was of great relief to my household“

“Am Lokho Bagaja, a widow and a mother of 6 children. Since the demise of my husband I solely support my family. To do this, I grow and sell miraa/khat.┬áDuring the normal season, I fetch enough money to feed, clothe and pay school fees for my children. But with this drought, all is not well. Miraa leaves barely sprout and my farm is infested with pests that are looking for any green matter to feed on. In this scenario am forced to get foodstuffs on credit just to feed my children. I can hardly afford school fees for my schooling children. This drought makes my life miserable by the day. Am living from hands to mouth, yet my children look upon me for their future. The news on cash for work exercise by Caritas Marsabit and their donor, CAFOD was heart-warming. Thanks to their open and fair beneficiary selection process that saw me benefit. The Ksh6, 000 wages I got for working for just 15 days enabled me to settle my debts on food, I also used some of the money to clear fees arrears for my children. Am thankful to Caritas Marsabit for their commitment to ensuring that we live dignified lives even in emergency periods. If possible, scale up cash for work interventions since it helps us rehabilitate our productive assets and we get cash to meet basic needs in these difficult times.“