Diversification of Livelihood


As you approach Lekuchula Village from Laisamis town along a hardy road, you wind through scattered spiny shrubs, and a beautify mountaineers scenery. Lost in this thoughts as your enjoy the good scenery, one suddenly find himself in the middle of a well-knit Rendille and Samburu settlement under the scorching sun milking every drop from the surface.  This home to Lbarichoi Harugura, a herder who turns into small business venture after Caritas Marsabit implemented, Drought emergency programme sponsored by Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) in his village

Through the drought emergency response program, food voucher project, Caritas Marsabit engaged village vendors to play part in the project to help the identified vulnerable household redeem their voucher worth 3,000 for food stuff of their choice.

Lbarichoi Harugura giving beneficiaries food during Food voucher redemption activity at Lekuchula Village

This approach was aimed at improving and motivating small business ventures in the village level and improving local purchasing power that will see business in the village level thrive into big business ventures in future.

“Initially Caritas Marsabit Engaged a vendor from Korr to supply food stuffs for project beneficiaries in my village. After I saw that this business man was making good sells. I got the idea to start a small “kiosk” shop in the village to enable my neighbours to get food stuffs from my shop rather than walking for 8 kilometers for shopping at Naimarei or waiting for business people from other areas to sell for them. After building a shop using locally available materials I started selling food stuffs like maize flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, tea leaves, bean and maize to the village but after a short while Caritas Marsabit came back again with other food voucher project to the village. I filled a quotation and after community meeting to identify the beneficiaries and vendors I was selected by the community as their local vendor” Lbarichoi Harugura narrated.

Lbarichoi’s shop at Lekuchula


“I made good sells during the project and I have now added more food stuffs to my shop so that I can offer my customers a variety of commodities that I believe they really need. The project through community meeting have help me to know the most preferred food stuffs by my customers. This has help me make good sells after the project” he added.



Lbarichoi Harugura is one of the young men in the village who have been depending on livestock keeping as the only source of livelihood. The drought situation and the motivation he got from this project have help him to venture into business as an alternative income generating activity.

This project, he observes, has enabled him to venture into new field of livelihood that will enable him to put his investments where drought will not reach. Giving him a hope of better preparedness in the face of drought.

By: Wilfred Letawa, Communication Officer