Needy students enjoy access to education

In Cavallera Secondary school, meet Jesca Leado an intelligent, confident and beautiful form 4 student. She narrates her ups and downs in her secondary school studies;

“ I come from Songa, am a third born in a family of six. Unfortunately my dad is mentally challenged and so mum is a sole bread winner. She relies on subsistence farming and livestock rearing for our survival. With the current drought situation she really struggles to make the ends meet. With no harvest from the farms and no good price for our few goats, she has to seek for casual labour to bring food on the table. But as you know during drought period, casual labour is hard to get since there is not much going on in the crop fields. As such the little she gets can barely cater for food leave alone school fees.

Over the year she struggled to keep me in school but this time it has proved impossible. For a better part of last term I was at home due to fee balances, yes, I managed a B- in term 3 opener exam but it took a lot of hard work to catch up with my classmates.

In September the reality of the far reaching effects of this drought dawned on me when my name was called out to go home and collect fees arrears. This was despite the fact that the national exam was only a month away. In the hope that mum would be in a position to raise some fees, I called her but to my shock, she answered in a hoarse voice “Just come home I have no money my daughter“. These words broke my heart and could not hold my tears. Why me and why now? Am good in my studies but my parents ` inability to raise fees due this drought seems to ruin my future. Who would come to my rescue and relive my dreams? So many questions reeled in my mind on my way home.  Frustrated and down cast, I fought hard to swallow the glaring reality of the fact that poverty and drought had become an obstacle in achieving my dreams despite my intelligence and passion.

But as if God was answering all my questions, in my second day at home, my mum came with mind blowing news from a meeting convened by Caritas Marsabit. That my fee arrears of Shs.36, 050 were to be settled fully under a food for fees program! I could not believe my ears .The following day I woke up and went back to school. My concentration in my studies is at its best since I no longer fear that I`ll be sent home for fees. As I prepare for KCSE am indebted to Caritas Marsabit and CAFOD who have enabled me to be in school and also relieved my mum a huge mental and physical burden.

Thank you so much Caritas Marsabit and your generous donor for touching my life and I pray that this program continues so that other bright but needy children can enjoy access to education as I did. “