Justice and Peace Programme

Justice and Peace Programme promote peaceful co-existence between various communities (the Boran, Gabbra, Rendille, Burji, Turkana, Ell-Mollo, Dasanach, Samburu and Somali communities) by creating and implementing supportive peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives.

The Programme closely works with other faith groups to promote religious tolerance and peace, conducts civic education to enhance good governance and organization, lobby and advocacy for development and improved community access to resources and promotion of human rights.

Caritas approach to justice and peace will be long-term, people-centered and rooted in the local context. Caritas is committed to tackling the structural causes and drivers of conflict and injustice in Marsabit County. The roots of conflict can be found in the violation of basic political, civic, economic, social and cultural rights. Without addressing human rights-based violations, peace will not be sustained, and development achievements will be precarious at best. Abuse of human rights and violent conflict are most often rooted in discrimination, exclusion, and marginalisation, particularly of minorities and women.

The Justice and Peace programme will focus on the inclusion of the most vulnerable and marginalised, enabling their participation in development,  peacebuilding and other political, social and economic processes through capacity-building and empowerment initiatives, as well as building locally relevant and sustainable institutions and practices that address the root causes of poor governance, abuse of human rights and conflict

Children Peace Camp





Hailstorms Destroy homes and livestock at Maikona in North Horr-Marsabit county.
Catholic Diocese of Marsabit through the Maikona Parish has since provided Ksh150000 in support of the 50 affected families. https://t.co/Sbbu7jrWH1

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