Law clubs in schools, nurturing the lawyers of tomorrow


Under the scorching sun of northern Kenya loglogo girls, secondary school law club is working on a weekly basis to help girls in this school to nurture them into law abiding citizens and to work as ambassadors in their respective communities. To help local people appreciate the importance of peace and also understand Kenyan laws.

“Since my primary school life I want to be a lawyer but I never knew what it entails to be a lawyer but since I joined law club that was started by Caritas Marsabit I have really learnt a lot about law.

The club has taught me a lot, I have learnt about the Kenyan laws, my rights and obligations as a citizen and what it entails to be a law abiding citizen.
During this electioneering period I have taught my village the importance of peace as well as educating my people on the constitutional rights.
I’m looking forward to this club to help me get exposure through attending courts sessions so that I can learn what it entails to be a lawyer.” Narrated Hannan Hamad a form 2 student at Loglogo girls secondary school.