“The introduction of the SHG model to this village is a great blessing. Initially, we (Namunyak Women group members) entirely relied on men to sell cattle and buy food stuff for the family. During dry spells, our families would even go hungry as we waited for our husbands to sell the livestock in distant markets. With the group savings, we can no longer watch our children sleep on hungry stomachs. We easily borrow from the group kitty and repay afterwards. In instances where the children are sent home for fees, we have somewhere to take an affordable loan.

From the trainings offered, we are now informed that with savings we can better cope with life eventualities. For instance, if a pregnant mother saves, she will have less financial struggles during delivery especially in the event that she needs specialized care that may not be available in Marsabit County hospital.

We appreciate the knowledge shared on record keeping, once you contribute the e savings , it is recorded, even if you delay in submitting the savings one will still strive to raise it and remit for we know it`s for our own good.
Caritas Marsabit has shone on us the light of self-reliance and we are determined to move forward, but because most of our members are illiterate we request that you continue following on our progress to ensure that we are on the right path.

Thanks so much, we are grateful. “ (Says happy Basele amidst chants of blessings dedicated to Caritas Marsabit staff).