The Catholic Dicoese of Marsabit was established in May 1964 through the efforts of Bishop Charles Cavallera (Bishop of the Diocese
of Marsabit 1964-1981). The jurisdiction covered the two Counties of Northern Kenya namely: Marsabit and Samburu. In 1981 the
Diocese received a new Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Ambrose Ravasi who was in charge of the Diocese until 2006.
Rt. Rev. Peter Kihara Kariuki the current Bishop; was installed as the third Bishop of the
Diocese in January 2007 until present.
Under the leadership of Bishop Kihara, the Diocese has estabilished structures to support both the pastoral and social development of the people in Marsabit County especially the poor and vulnerable pastoral communities. The Church oversees the operation of 12 Missions/Parishes cared for by clergy from different congregations and nationalities.
Caritas Marsabit was established to implement development initiatives aimed at empowering the poor and most vulnerable in the County. With a history of marginalization, the Catholic Church through its development and humanitarian arm-Caritas Marsbit continues to play critical roles in promoting development and provision of social amenities.

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