Second Food Distribution in Laisamis Sub-County

Caritas Marsabit officials including the director and field officers spent the better of yesterday visiting several villages across Laisamis sub-county for the second phase of food distribution of beneficiaries who received food voucher worth 3,000 shillings from Caritas Marsabit courtesy of Catholic Agency For Overseas Development.

It is so clear that the living condition in this villages is getting harder by the day as the drought rec havoc in this village. Animals are dying in large number while people have to trek for kilometers to get to get drinking water that can’t last for a day. Lechuchula village have to t for 8 kilometers to naimarei well to get drinking water.

Food distribution in Kingdom (lorora) village in  Korr, Laisamis Sub – County   Photo/ Wilfred Letawa

Despite walking for long distance to get water they sometime get a 5 liter of water which is not fit for human consumption. The water is salty and with worms.

Schools in this area have forgone afternoon classes due to lack of food and water in the school, pupils from Lekuchula village school in Naimarei centre have to trek home for 8 kilometers under scorching sun with the hope that they will get food and water at home.

Food distribution in Arge, A small village in Samburu – Marsabit County border.            Photo/ Wilfred Letawa

In all the visited village people are crying to the national and county government, to give water. Lack of water in these villages have forced them to turn to easy to cook foods like rice, spaghetti and maize floor to save water. Provision of relief food like maize and beans that takes longer cooking time and consume a lot of water will lead to extortion of water in the shallow well which will lead to acute water shortage that may lead to humanitarian crisis.

Story by: Wilfred Letawa, Communication Intern