Trachoma door-to-door screening exercise

th January 2017 started eight days door to door Trachoma screening exercise in some parts of Saku sub-county, Marsabit County. The exercise kicked off at Karare and Badasa before spreading other parts of the sub-county. A team of medics and field officers went door-to-door, village-to-village screening for trachoma, conducting eyes surgeries for trachoma patients, giving medicines as well as giving medical advice to people. The team also educate people on the importance of boiling water for children to wash their faces in the morning and washing of hands using soap and running water after using the toilet, before and after eating, after work. A lot of emphasis was put maintaining good hygiene as a way to prevent trachoma which can be transmitted through unwashed hands, shared face-wiping cloths, and by flies that have been in contact with the discharge from the eyes or nose of an infected person.  ]]>