Caritas Marsabit Health ManagerĀ Peter Galgallo Arero during distribution of Trachoma Murals to Primary school in Marsabit County.


Caritas Marsabit is the development wing of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit. Caritas Marsabit supports integral human development especially among the poor and vulnerable population in Marsabit County. The function of Caritas Marsabit is in tandem with that of the Pastoral Department of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, whose function is evangelization.

Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of County Steering group which co-ordinate all the governmental and non government organization at county level. Being a member of the County steering group Caritas Marsabit presents its interventions to CSG which in turn deliberate interventions depending on what other organizations are doing in the targeted locations.

Caritas Marsabit has partnered with a group of local organization under the umbrella of MIONET (Marsabit Indigenous Organizations Network)and managed to carryout rapid drought assessment in the county. The objective was to identify the most affected geographical location for effective response and also to generate a report to be used by various stakeholders to design appropriate response action. Caritas Marsabit is a strong member of the MIONET.